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Dimeda   Surgical instruments

For more than 40 years, DIMEDA Surgical Instruments have been the global supplier for medicinal solutions in almost all areas. That is reflected in our business philosophy: there are no problems, only solutions. Not only do we bet on quality and experience, but on the trust of our partners.

Gerhard Zepf

Kurz Surgical implants for the ear

KURZ offers a wide variety of medium passive ear implants, timpanostomy tubes and instruments. The rank of ORL is complete with products for rhinology, laryngology and ophthalmology.

Kawo Surgical micromotors

We are proud to be able to inform you that our surgical device Kawo EXPERTsurg was awarded the German Design Award Special Mention 2015 in the category “Excellent Product Design – Industry, Materials and Health Care.”

The German Design Award is an international award of the premium category delivered annually by the German Design Council. With these high quality products, their manufacturers and designers are rewarded, which, in their way, set guidelines in the world of industrial design in Germany and internationally.

Bien Air Micro surgical motors

From its beginnings in 1959, Bien-Air highlights and consolidates its knowledge on micromechanics. The first turbines produced by the company are considered the most reliable and the most resistant in the market. In its incessant search for innovations, the company makes a great leap in the 1970s and launches its first electric motors. Recognized for its precision and exceptional performance, Bien-Air instruments were soon highly valued and used by dentists and surgeons.

Equipson Hemostatic sponges

Equimedical® was founded in 2006 and is a completely private company which prides itself on providing hemostatic devices of the highest quality and assumes full responsibility for commercializing these devices.

Equimedical’s mother company has been involved in the research and development of several hemostatic devices for more than 20 years. As such, the experience with hemostatic agents within the company is of the highest standard. The equimedical research and development department is especially superior, which has led to new unique products such as Equicel Laparoscopy and the Equipson reabsorbed hemostatic sponge.

Gelita Medical Hemostatic hemostats: OUR VISION

Our goal is to be the world leader in innovation in jelly-based biocompatible medical devices. We intend to increase the value of our business by developing safe and effective products to meet the needs of surgeons and improve patient care. Our solid culture of innovation and the platform of our gelatin experience for many years guarantee the success of the GELITA MEDICAL brands.

GELITA MEDICAL products have proven to be safe and reliable in millions of surgical applications in operating theatres around the world. This is the result of the company’s integral safety philosophy, implemented throughout the entire process chain, from the selection of the raw material to the manufacture, storage and final transport to the customer.

All its products are produced from completely pure and natural materials. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and are subjected to the strictest quality and safety controls in all stages of production, in addition to being completely certified in accordance with all relevant international standards and regulations. Continuous improvement of all processes is an integral part of the philosophy of GELITA MEDICAL.

Rimec   Rehabilitation equipment, plaster casters and vacuum cleaners

In 1980 Rimec, in accordance with a productive conversion project, oriented its production to the electromechanical equipment sector, more specifically, to the realization of machines destined for passive rehabilitation as well as motors to remove plaster and vacuum cleaners for plaster rooms to avoid contaminations.

In this sector Rimec is consolidating globally and competes with multinational companies that cover the entire universe of products aimed at healthcare.

The approach to this market is carried out by participating in the most important international trade shows in the sector and attending specialized medical congresses, during which the products of the company face the trial of the scientific world.


Rebstock Surgical instrumental

Rebstock Instruments GmbH was founded in 1995 and is a manufacturer and supplier of surgical instrument systems and implants with a focus on neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgeries, as well as on orthopedics.

With our new and innovative portfolio for laparoscopy, we also offer instruments and devices for minimally invasive surgeries. In line with our comprehensive program of general surgical instruments, we serve all disciplines of modern human medicine.

Moria Surgical instrumental for ophthalmology

Moria is one of the most recognized and respected ophthalmic companies in the world, offering the best range of medical devices such as manual instrumentation and equipment for refractive surgery and corneal transplantation. In Moria, we are committed to innovation by pushing the limits of medical technology and improving the way in which ophthalmic pathologies are treated. Our strategy is to manufacture high-quality medical devices and develop and market innovative products in global markets, which deliver superior clinical results with a high level of confidence for our clients. Moria is a human-sized company that strives unreservedly for the highest reliability and quality possible in our products; be the standard of insurmountable comparison and be recognized as a company of honesty, integrity which has a close relationship with its customers.

Albert Heiss Surgical instrument for ophtralmology

If you want to have a high quality surgical instrument for the field of ophthalmology, the company Albert Heiss GmbH & CO. KG is without a doubt its reference. Founded as a family business in the year 1921 by the surgeon-mechanic Albert Heiss, we are about to reach 90 years of experience in the field.

Our clients, belonging to specific sectors of the specialized trade and the area of the ocular surgery, will find in our company a reliable service, fast deadlines, a maximum quality and a very wide range of products.

Our range of products has more than 1,000 items at this time. Our work not only develops quickly and accurately but also is especially reliable. That is why only our strict quality requirements are completely abandoned by our production line, which guarantees that our products can be used without problems for years.

In addition, in the future, we will further optimize our production and organization processes in favor of our clients, which will allow us to maintain our position as a competent partner in the field of eye surgery

VBM Medizintechnik GmbH

A global family business in the field of medical technology. We develop and produce innovative products for the management of the airway, accessories for anesthesia and intensive care, as well as tourniquets for surgical procedures in the field without blood.



“Cardiolina” is the electrocardiograph that has accompanied the generations of outpatients and hospital professionals to Italian and international medical professionals since the beginning of the 60’s to the present. More than 400,000 devices sold worldwide in more than 40 countries have made the Cardioline brand so well known that it has gained the reputation of being a robust and reliable portable electrocardiograph.

BSN medical

BSN Medical is a global leader in the global healthcare market that specializes in the areas of Compression Therapy, Wound Care and Orthopedics. We are focused on the development of world-class brand products that offer high quality solutions for our caregivers and patients.

BSN Medical connects its extensive portfolio in wound care and related vascular diseases, non-invasive lymphology and orthopedics with strong technological skills to meet the market’s need to reduce complexity and offer the most efficient treatments. With a unique and holistic network in continuous development of integrated therapy solutions, BSN Medical commandes continuous attention.

Welcome to Therapies. Hand by hand.

Gima medical

In 1926 Giulio Manzoni founded G.I.M.A. (Milanese Aghi Industrial Group), based in Milan, dedicated to the production of needles and glass syringes. In 1955, his son, Attilio Manzoni, took over the company that assumed the current name, GIMA S.p.A., and transferred the production to the Gorgonzola plant.

In the 1970s, the company was transformed radically, became predominantly commercial and assumed the exclusive distribution for prestigious italian brands, such as PORGES, DIENER, GOWLLANDS, HUNTLEIGHT TECHNOLOGY, and others.

DTF medical, the choice of a French design and manufacture by conviction

Headquarters in Saint-Etienne, since 1951, DTF Medical specialises in the design, production and distribution of innovative and quality medical devices.


Our company was founded in 1959 by Mr. Joan Boix Boix, for the manufacture of electro-medicine devices.

ORDISI, S.A., we manufacture electro-medicine equipment.
Supported by an experience of more than 40 years in the market.

Specialised in product lines:

With the most complete range of vacuum cleaners in the market.

At present we offer basic lamps of exploration with halogen and led light as well as lamps for small and medium surgery.


3M ™ Littmann® stethoscopes are designed for professionals looking for superior acoustics. Choose a 3M stethoscope for you and your patients.


Our brand offers different series of medical cars to equip both small clinics and large hospital centers. As an innovative manufacturer, Insausti is characterized by a high degree of specialisation, we design specific cars for areas of medical assistance and hospitalisation units.

Scanlan Group

Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr. founded Scanlan International 96 years ago.
A well-established promoter / manager of Speed Skater Bobby McLean and Artistic Skater Sonja Henie, Scanlan was interested in new opportunities to increase his chances of competitive success.

“Our instruments must be the best in the world”.
DR. Scanlan, Sr.

Through his research, he discovered the unique qualities of Swedish stainless steel (then called non-adjustable steel) and how it could benefit not only professional skating, but also the medical device industry.
Scanlan began its surgical instrumentation business in 1921 by introducing stainless steel instrumentation to the medical community of the United States. Working with renowned surgeons such as the brothers Mayo and Harvey Cushing, he combined new and advanced designs with the best materials and crafts. This unique combination and commitment to high quality marked the beginning of a legacy which will continue to grow and prosper for four generations.

“Scanlan’s instruments should adjust to each surgeon’s hand.”
DR. Scanlan, Jr

Vlad Batteries

In 30 years, the company has become a leader in France in the provision of batteries and biomedical batteries and provides all the health centers and associated suppliers. Its experience extends to exportation with a strong growth, exporting to 27 countries in 2014.
In addition, industrial activity, big accounts and administrations have also strongly developed.

Thanks to the quality of its structure and its technical knowledge, the company invests to become an important player in the design and assembly of lithium ion batteries for the industry.

Rudolf  Surgical instrumental

RUDOLF was founded as a company in 1950, but our roots go back to the beginning of the 20th century and can be found in the traditional artisanal production of scissors in Fridingen.
We are a team that combines traditional knowledge, progress and modern technology, as well as lasting value and long-standing trust relationships with our partners around the world.
The quality of our products and services is based on the responsibility we have and on the respect for the people we work with.
All surgical specialties.

E.Janach Surgical Instrumental for Ophthalmology.

Our society was founded in 1932 a historical date that we proudly remember. Those today, when entering our new site, do not know the origins and roots of E.Janach. Edoardo Janach was the founder and today his son Hermann, president of the company of the same name, after almost a century, still manages to succeed. An icon in the scientific landscape, E. Janach is still a reference company thanks to the ever innovative creations introduced in the surgical field. Over time he has been able to achieve important goals through the evolution of surgeries during three generations. The new production technologies have allowed the creation of tools of the highest technological standard with more experience in specialised areas. Today we are present in several countries, and our company, as well as its own efficient and extensive distribution network, has prestigious alliances with highly esteemed companies.
Reliability and high quality level.

Arjo huntleigh

HUNTLEIGH is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for operating theaters, intensive care units, hospital rooms, sterilization departments, companies, care institutions and life sciences. With a genuine passion for life, we build quality and safety in all of our systems. Our unique value proposal reflects the continuity of care, improving efficiency in the clinical domain. We are able to meet the needs of our clients, improve the daily lives of people, today and tomorrow.


Nonin Medical, Inc. invented the finger pulse oximeter and is a world leader in non-invasive, customer-centered design and in manufacturing monitoring solutions.


French manufacturer of hospital furniture since 1947. More than 2,500 references for all health facilities.
A local customer service to address all your requests. A quality approach and an eco-responsible attitude.

Praticima Manufacturer of hospital medical furniture

PRATICIMA is the association of three leaders of medical equipment: Praticdose, Cima and Adhesia Equipos.
The headquarters of PRATICIMA are located in Reyrieux, 25 km from Lyon. The company has 120 employees at two production sites: Reyrieux (01) and Avranches (50).
Due to its size and volume of sales, PRATICIMA is now the leading French company in the market for equipment and furniture for the care industry.
Designer and manufacturer of capital goods for sanitary facilities, PRATICIMA offers a wide range of high quality products.

Orla Manufacturer of hospital medical furniture

In the year 2000, Orla Equipamientos Clínicos, S.l. opened the doors of the team of professionals that are part of it. Since then we have worked for the health sector (medical furniture).
Orla has more than 10 years of experience in the hospital field. Our company policy focuses on customer satisfaction and is defined by our quality policy adopting the ISO 9001: 2008 standards in all our products. European Directive 2007/47 / EEC and Royal Decree Law in Spain 1591/2009, we apply the corresponding CE labeling to sanitary products.


We have been buying USHIO lamps for several years. Its high quality is not only a reason for satisfaction for us, but also for our viewers, who enjoy each  movie thanks to the innovative light technology of USHIO. We also love the individualized attention offered by USHIO, as it helps us to find the perfect lamps for each projector. ”
Kent Andersson, screenwriter of the Winberg Kino Nyköping room, Sweden


We are aware that rotary instruments represent the direct connection between dentist and patient or technical and restoration. No one should leave this union so highly sensitive to chance. Our objective is to offer our clients a complete assortment of rotary instruments and the guidance for the correct choice and application of them.
Anyone can offer products and prices, but only a few are able to offer quality and competence in the matter of advice. Our ambition for perfection has only one objective: complete satisfaction. To this end, we invest all our knowledge and skills. We want you to take advantage of the more than 100 years of experience, the quality and the endorsement of the concept “JOTA SWITZERLAND”.


Fiegert Endotech: its number one service provider and provider of endoscopic medical and endoscopy accessories for laparoscopy, gynecology, urology, arthroscopy, otolaryngology and veterinary medicine. Good and fast service for repairs for rigid and flexible endoscopes. Offering used endoscopes. Since 1988, has been a partner of doctors and hospitals around the world with directions in Tuttlingen (Germany) and Ft. Lauderdale (USA).

Richard Wolf  All types of Endoscopy for all medical specialties

Regardless of the area in which we work, values such as equity, respect, team spirit, trust and loyalty define a work environment in which quality and sustainable business results prosper.
A key factor for our path of healthy growth in the last decades is a visionary development of human resources and our concept of training. Our personnel training approach creates future prospects and a new generation of highly qualified personnel to empower our company. We offer versatile opportunities for development and training for experienced professionals and young people starting in the world of work, graduates and university students, as well as for those who drop out of school. We live our visions, working to create a healthier world and a human community in the “spirit of excellence».

Gallini All kinds of needles for biopsies

STERYLAB has dedicated its efforts to the production of needles and medical devices for more than 40 years, maintaining its development in tune with the constant progress of medicine and the latest advances in technology.
Due to the highly skilled workforce of specialized employed and the great care in the choice of raw materials, the firm enjoys the trust of the medical profession throughout the world.

Heine All kinds of instruments for diagnostic

HEINE designs and manufactures a full range of high quality instruments for primary recognition in various medical specialties. Choose one of the specialties that appear below to see the instruments, the support material and the information relevant to your needs.


Amplicord is a company that produces and sells phonetic prosthesis since 1975.
The laryngodes we produce are noninvasive class I medical devices that allow vocal communication to those who, after a laryngeal operation, have suffered the removal of the vocal cords.
The series production of the laryngophone and its commercialization in Italy and abroad begins almost immediately, using mechanical production processes for its mechanical components.
In 1988 the company became a single-person company and in 1991 it patented the laryngophone for aspects related to the connection of the battery. Since then, the production processes have progressed, using mostly electronic components.

Beaver Visitec  Products for ophthalmology

A suite of trust. Ophthalmic brands Welcome to Beaver-Visitec International, the headquarters of these trusted ophthalmic brands: Beaver®, Visitec®, Products I-Ring ™, Merocel®, Weck-Cel®, Wet-Field® Eraser®, Endo Optiks®, Malosa™, Vitreq ® and Parasol®.

Malosa Medical  The single-use ophthalmic solution.

Medical malpractice can show you how to use instruments and packages simply to save time and money, while improving clinical care.

Ethical production.
Malosa is a completely British-owned operation. Our manufacturing, labor, and health and safety standards are based on accepted British practices. The average salary of our labor force in China is more than 3 times the national minimum wage in China. We do not employ any person under eighteen. Our company strives to be an ethical example of the manufacture of products of precision and quality whilst using foreign production.

This is what our users say:

Professor Dan Reinstein MD MA (Cantab) FRCSC DABO
FRCOphth – The London Vision Clinic
“We have been very happy with the quality of Malosa’s instruments; An immense pleasure in using single-use metal instruments is that every time you operate you are using a “new instrument” – without more bent tips “

Mr. Neil Johnson FRCOphth, Ophthalmic Surgeon Consultant, Anglian Community Eye Service (ACES)
“The creation of our independent ophthalmic center was made much easier by the use of Malosa single-use instruments. This is clearly the way forward to ensure patient safety while providing an efficient and cost-effective solution «

Medtronic  Products for health care.

Our mission, written in 1960, states that our first and main priority is to contribute to human well-being. More than half a century later, the mission continues to serve as an ethical framework and as an inspiring goal for our employees around the world. It is responsible for guiding our daily work and reminds us that our efforts are transforming the lives of millions of people every year.

Contribute to human well-being through the application of biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture and sale of instruments or devices that relieve pain, return health and prolong life:
Lead our growth in the areas of biomedical engineering in which we show the maximum strength and capacity; gather people and facilities that tend to promote these areas; continuously develop these areas through education and assimilation of knowledge; Avoid participation in areas where we can not make unique and valuable contributions:
Fight for the highest possible reliability and quality in our products; Become the standard of unparalleled comparison and be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.

Stille Surgical equipment

Accuracy, durability and touch are characteristic qualities of all Stille instruments. The vast majority are handmade by our highly qualified manufacturers of instruments in Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm, Sweden. The process of transformation from a stainless steel rod to a finished instrument is long, and encompasses multiple stages.
The unique manufacturing methods of Stille and the use of only the highest quality steels, give our instruments their unique sensation and durability.


Medela was founded in 1961 by Olle Larsson and its headquarters are located in Switzerland. Under the leadership Olle Larsson’s son, Michael, Medela has become one of the world leaders in vacuum products and vacuum technology, thanks to the continuous research, innovation and evaluation of the needs of the clients.
Obtain more information about Medela’s other areas of business:
Breastfeeding – Health Care – Breastfeeding for professionals.

Physiocontrol  High-defibrillators

More than 55 years ago, we presented a medical device that launched an industry. Today we continue to establish new standards for design and excellence in the manufacture of salvage tools for life-saving equipment inside and outside the hospital.
The world leader in the development, manufacture, sale and service of defibrillators / external monitors and products and services of emergency medical response.
Physio-Control was a pioneer in defibrillation technology. In the late 1950s, the company’s founder, Dr. Karl William Edmark, developed a device that sent an electrical current discharge (DC) through the heart to end the ventricular fibrillation. This first CC defibrillator became the prototype of medical devices used by emergency medical services and hospitals around the world. Ten years later, Physio-Control drastically changed the face of emergency medical attention forever with the introduction of the first defibrillator /
portable monitor.

Riester  All kinds of instruments for diagnosis


At Riester, we understand the needs and challenges of our clients in their daily medical routines. Our goal is to help health providers improve the lives of patients throughout the world.
Through innovation, cutting-edge technology and our commitment to excellence, our diagnostic equipment program is setting standards.
Founded in 1948 in Jungingen, Germany, Rudolf Riester GmbH was acquired by Halma plc in 2007. This transformed the familyowned company into an international group of companies. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic devices for doctor’s offices and hospitals around the world and we distribute our products in more than 150 countries.

Our core values are:
Achievement, Innovation, Training and Customer Satisfaction. These are integrated in all aspects of our daily work routine.
Diagnostic instruments for the most demanding requirements!
Designed for the tough day-to-day work in medical offices and in hospitals, our products are manufactured according to the most demanding Riester quality standards and are supplied with our “Original Riester” Certificate of Authenticity.

Surgitrac  Instruments for Ophthalmology

We are a consolidated manufacturer of specialized, single use and reusable surgical instruments, made of stainless steel or titanium of medical quality.
We export our products, using a global network of authorized dealers.
We supply the UK market, with a range of ophthalmic products from other manufacturers, as well as our own products.
Previously known as SD Healthcare in the United Kingdom.

Guerra  All kinds of medical lamps

Our company is a leading company in the production of light bulbs for optical instruments such as microscopes, endoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, operating theater lights and for all types of equipment with light sources. Our technology, improved over the years, is now synonymous with good quality, extended the products that will expand our range of products of incandescent and halogen lamps that are already well known and appreciated in the Italian and foreign markets. All the details are studied carefully to ensure that the optimum article meets the requirements of the end user.
Our staff is at your disposal to provide you with all the additional information you may need. Hand care and the attention given to the details ensure a good quality to our bulbs and allow us to produce,in addition to our standard items, mentioned in our technical catalogue, including special lamps manufactured with technical characteristics provided by the client, in case the Requested quantities justify such production. This and other peculiarities make our production unique.

Faromed  All kinds of medical lamps, fiber optic cables, connections, cauterias

Endoscopy lamps 99-X719 XBO R 180 W / 45C, 180 W 99-X424 Halogen light source, 15 V, 150 W, EFR lamps for diagnostic instruments 99-171 for laryngoscope, conventional blades, adult size High power LED for fiber Heine optical laryngoscope, 3.5 V,
sources of fiber optic light 044 similar High power LED for KaVo, 3.3 V, 553-3881 Similar laryngoscopes Proctology Fiber optic cables Thermo Cautery and end accessories All kinds of medical lamps Lamp of slit 99-63430 for Haag-Streit 900 BM / BQ, 6 V, 4.5 A, UV lamp 99-UV022 Metal halide burner for UV therapy, similar Q 402 Z7

Sterilmed  All kinds of material for sterilization

Located in Champagne Ardenne, in Tinqueux, in the city of Reims, STERILMED has become a privileged partner of hospitals and clinics since its creation in 2002.
Key player for its reliability, its experience and the diversity of its products, STERILMED undertakes to manufacture and distribute products of the highest quality, while maintaining the requirements of its customers at the center of its activity.
In a constant concern for quality, all staff and collaborators in France, but also throughout the world, place their competence at their disposal to respond to clients needs.
Member of the French Association of Sterilization, STERILMED also has the ISO 9001 certification.

Soutter Medical From Soutter Medical is the world’s leading manufacturer of motorised surgical instruments. We specialise in the worldwide development, production and distribution of motorised instruments for surgical procedures.
Our goal is to develop and produce advanced surgical solutions for a constantly changing global health care market.
We are represented by a range of products, which are technically innovative, while offering an optimal long-term value.
Today, De Soutter Medical has some of the best engineering facilities, producing a range of more than 800 products and maintaining a reputation for unmatched customer service.