Productos Médicos is a company founded by
Ana Blanca Bestit and José Arias in 1989

Our goal is to commercialize all kinds of medical products, to service spare parts and repairs, in surgical instruments of ophthalmology and general surgery and specialties, including surgical motors, endoscopes, fibroscopes, monitors, light sources, all types of cables, sensors, batteries …

We offer the search for any product existing on the market, manufactured under the guarantee of the major international brands.

You will always find the best offer with us.

We commercialize all medical specialties, as well as furniture, appliances, surgical prostheses, biopsy needles, surgical motors, endoscopy, fibroscopy, surgical fresheners, high seismic mattresses for operating theaters, diagnostic devices, medical light bulbs, sterilization equipment , hemostatic sponges, scales, microscopes, surgical instruments for all kinds of specialties.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt. 27 years ago they endorse us.